Obstacles to your vocation

Saint Alphonsus
The responses of the Saints to the objections against the consecrated vocation

"Son, if you want to serve the Lord, prepare your soul to the test" (Wis 2:1)

St. Alphonsus says: "Those who enter the religious life enters the service of the king of heaven, which usually tries to prove the loyalty of those he accepts for its hill hill crosses and temptations, which allows you to hell with them fight. " And 'necessary that the one who was called to leave everything and follow Christ (cf. Mt 19:21), you experience difficulties. St. Alphonsus also explains the cause of these difficulties and temptations, "Yes, because a devoted, if he endureth and is faithful to God, he will take away thousands of sinners , that will be saved through him. And so the enemy will try to earn it in every way, and will field all the tricks to deceive . "

So to those who will try to trick lies in front of the angelic desire to embrace the religious state. It will do so by presenting false objections to the legitimacy of the call, which may come from different backgrounds, people, by ourselves ...

In this section we list the main deceptions with which the devil usually try to discourage the souls that God has chosen for his service, and the response to these objections that have given some of the saints of the Church, especially St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, St. John Bosco and St. Thomas, along with others.